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Spiritlink was launched in 1999 by Kristin Kozuback to provide effective, creative and FUN sales training and marketing consulting services for small businesses.

Within one year, 90% of our work had shifted to focus on designing, managing and supporting programs, research and projects that:

Our work is driven by our commitment to ReconciliACTION.

In 2014, we coined the term 'ReconcilACTION' while talking with other nominees at the ceremony for the City of Vancouver's Remarkable Women of Reconciliation AwardsQuite simply, we agreed that spirit of Reconciliation was gathering momentum...but it requires individuals, organizations and governments to take ACTION for Canadians to truly move forward together towards shared prosperity.  

At its highest level, this means taking actions to engage Canadians from every Nation and every part of society in open and honest dialogue. We believe this creates the foundation for transformative experiences that can revitalize respecful relationships between Indigenous peoples and Canadians. 

We are revamping this website to prepare for an exciting relaunch on September 1st, 2021 to better:

  1. Promote and deliver our Indigenous FUNdamentals Series.
    New Provide online registration and delivery of our various training and coaching programs in our Indigenous FUNdamentals Series.

We started this journey in 1999 as a sales training and marketing company, and have evolved into , Everything we do is based on respect for and recognition of Indigenous rights, title and ways of being and knowing that we’ve learned from 20 years of teachings by Indigenous mentors, successful business owners and over 1,400 diverse Indigenous students across Turtle Island.

To us, nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship in individuals and building prosperous communities must also include ReconciliACTION.

Spiritlink specializes in raising awareness about Aboriginal and Indigenous issues and partnership opportunities, empowering women, and supporting youth engagement. We enable YOU to support entrepreneurial thinking in your community and organization, attract a more diverse customer base and develop a more inclusive workforce.   

Learn more About Us, Our Workshops and ProductsOur Successes and Social Responsibility - why we do what we do.

Indigenous Language Thank You Postcards & Greeting Cards

My family taught me to send thank you cards to people and organizations that help me along my journey. I'm grateful to the community of Indigenous Elders, students and language experts who contribute to designing unique cards that celebrate the diversity of Aboriginal languages and provide a simple yet thoughtful way to say, 'thanks!'

Learn more about 'the story behind the card' and ways to CUSTOMIZE our cards with your logo and message.

Embrace ReconciliACTION with a socially responsible AND gracious gift for your staff, sponsors, or conference speakers and delegates. 

Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development:
Benefits of Including Indigenous Perspectives

Spiritlink workshops and training programs move beyond the 'FUNdamental Skills' that build successful businesses. Learn why including Indigenous knowledge and values has social, environmental and financial rewards. Check out Our Products and Services


September 30th is Orange Shirt Day
Every Child Matters

Phyllis Webstad's story about her Residential School experience and Reconciliation Canada Week inspired us to create a t-shirt campaign to remind Canadians that EVERY CHILD MATTERS.

Click Learn more about #OrangeShirtDay and Spiritlink's partnership with Stó:Lö Nation artist and activist, Tara-Lee Gardner. 

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Over 9,200 international subscribers signed up to receive Spiritlink's free online magazine, RedWAY News. Over 20 Youth joined our Aboriginal Youth Media Team (affectionately known as 'The AYM Team') to share their own stories and disseminate news about Indigenous businesses, issues, cultural events, training programs and job opportunities.

Spiritlink's owner, Kristin Kozuback, and her long-time business associate and mentor, Flavio Caron, created RedWAY Media Inc. in 2015 to fill the need for Indigenous-owned, innovative media and consulting company. We're finally launching a new website and RedWAY News in fall of 2019, so stay tuned for updates and ways that you can get involved!