Spiritlink Communications LogoAbout Our Logo

The logo was designed by an Aboriginal artist, David Wilson, of Choctaw heritage.


The logo honours concept of the Four Directions, a concept learned from Aboriginal friends, guides and mentors.  It is said that each Race is represented by one of the Four Sacred Directions (Yellow to the East, Black to the South, Red to the West and White to the North) that must be respected. It is said that these Four Races of Yellow, Black, Red and White Nations must work together in harmony to survive; they are represented by the four colours in the four corners of the logo.


The design also incorporates the image of infinity sign as the "S" of Spiritlink. The infinity sign is two equal circles linked forever together. The word infinity comes from the Latin word infinitas or "unboundedness" and can be interpreted as unlimited potential, unbounded creativity.  The infinity sign is also recognized as the symbol of the M├ętis people, a distinct Aboriginal Nation who will survive forever through the blended First Nation and European blood of its peoples.


It is also said each Nation has gifts to share with other Races so that the we may balance the four aspects of humans - Emotional, Physical, Mental and Spiritual. We are linked and connected by the four Elements we share in this world of Earth, Wind, Water and Fire that need to be preserved and respected to continue to provide life for us all, during each stage of life (Child, Youth, Adult and Elder), for seven generations to come.


The logo encompasses Spiritlink's commitment to social responsibility, wholistic thinking and unity. We have had our best success when people work hard to open their hearts, look at all sides, consider all ages and Nations, and listen and speak with respect. We are committed to identify our biases to overcome ignorance, and to consider how our actions today may impact generations to come.