We believe that social responsibility means turning ideas into actions that serve people, respecting the environment, and maintaining a profitable business.  

That means actively seeking ways to turn the idea and values of reconciliation into ReconciliACTION.

When delivering the our own workshops (Indigenous Innovators and Drones, FUNdamental Skills, etc.) or the Aboriginal BEST (Business and Entrepreneurship Skills Training) Program, we dive into the '11 P's of the Marketing Mix.'  The connectivity between all aspects of business purchasing, hiring, and communications need careful consideration. 

Decisions you make - consciously or not - about the 11 P's of your marketing mix affect your operations and financial decisions. For example:

*Note: yes, that's a quick intro to 7 of the 11 P's of the Marketing Mix.  If you want to learn the others, you'd better take our workshops or let us rework your marketing plans!

Here's how we carefully choose our people, pricing, and promotions.

Spiritlink People

We support people and organizations that align with our values of promoting social responsibility. We start by thanking Stó:Lö Nation artist and activist, Tara-Lee Gardner, for her help in designing and selling the t-shirts we are selling to promote Orange Shirt Day -Every Child Matters.  Learn about her, the chickadee logo design, and our partnership HERE.


Spiritlink Promotions

We like the idea to be a chickadee! We build flexibility into our marketing plans (and budget) so that when we see an idea or person that aligns with our goals for environmental and social responsibility - while helping us advance our own financial goals for - we act. That's why we collaborated with Tara-Lee to create and sell the t-shirts...<more>

Spiritlink Pricing Models

Here's four of our ReconciliACTION pricing decisions that reflect our commitment to being a socially responsible, sustainable business. We like to:

  1. Push to build in mentorship opportunities for Indigenous Proples in every contract.
  2. Celebrate that we trade or barter for services/products.
  3. Pay for referrals - and promote it proudly.
  4. Provide discounts to three key target groups: non-profits  Youth an Indigenous organizations. 

Learn more about our pricing discounts and strategies HERE.

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