Don't forget September 30th is Orange Shirt Day

September 30th is Orange Shirt Day, a campaign intended to remind us all that EVERY CHILD MATTERS...every day. Regardless of race, religion, class, age, sexual orientation, level of ability, or class/status, every child deserves the right to feel loved. Click HERE to learn more about Orange Shirt Day and the story of Indian Residential School survivor, Phyllis (Jack) Webstad.

Spiritlink Communications Products, Training and Consulting Services

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Spiritlink Communications can enhance your sales & marketing strategies today. 
We'd like to help you:


1. Enhance your PR, recruiting & marketing messages
2.  Develop the capacity of your team & community with our FUNdamental Skills workshops or the Aboriginal BEST program 
3. Launch your own e-zine/newsletter communications program
 Use an incredible communication piece: Aboriginal Language

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 1. Enhance your PR, recruiting and marketing messages

We take pride in writing well so that your message follows the 5 C's of effective communication: clear, concise, considerate, coherent and correct. 
We're eager to provide both coaching and consulting services for:
* Writing and editing: From staff profiles to business plans to fundraising letters, we can create and enhance messages. Our "4-Eyes Proofreading" method saves time, money and frustration.
* Sending media blasts: Need to raise attendance today at an event tomorrow? We've developed an extensive list of over 9,200 contacts we can target by fax, e-mail, e-zine and phone for you. This includes:   
   * 2000 Aboriginal businesses, education and organization contacts
   * 900 national government and 850 media contacts
   * 515 First Nations band offices and tribal councils
* Marketing Strategies: Need to revamp brochures, find a cool promotional product, develop a social networking buzz or rebrand your image? We balance the 9 P's of the marketing mix.

2. Develop the capacity of your team and community with our FUNdamental Skills training and Aboriginal BEST program

Spiritlink Communications is honoured to help coordinate and deliver the Aboriginal BEST (Business and Entrepreneurship Skills Training Program).  Since 2006, we have learned from and taught over 470 participants across Canada. Spiritlink has customized BEST for Youth entrepreneurs, Indigenous artists, the tourism sector, Women's organizations with condensed courses, weekend camps and custom modules. 
Also consider our interactive workshops in a wealth of relevant topic areas. Choose from a range of times (1-hour tutorials, half- or full-day workshops, part-time evenings) to suit various skill levels, learning styles and budgets. Over 20 tried and tested courses, including:
• Writing for the Web - Turn it Around!  • Top 10 Business Letters
Sales & Marketing Tips  Sales Skillz for Aboriginal Youth
• What are Digital Literacy Skills? Why Do I Need Them?
Plus, we've developed FUNdamental Skills courses.  This series of 8 modules include Office Technologies, Marketing Mix Magic and the
"Workshops for Aboriginal Artists to Reach their Potential" WAARP!


3. Launch your own e-zine  & newsletter communications program

We can show you how easy and effective it is to create and manage your communication efforts. Turn your flyers, e-mails and printed newsletters into archived, searchable and trackable tools. We manage 'bounces' and lists for you. You can create on-line polls and surveys.

Don't get left behind in on the wrong side of the digital divide! If you can create a Word document, you are on your way!

You can be published and tracking within three days. Plus, we can help you develop a strategy to generate revenue so your e-zine is self-sufficient! 


4. Thank You Postcards

 Social responsibility never felt so good!


We value the transfer and sharing of knowledge and experiences - so we include opportunities to mentor community members in every contract we do for your company, association, Band, Tribal Council and First Nation. Contact us for details today!