Business & Entrepreneurship Development

Many of Canada‚Äôs political leaders recognize the benefits of moving beyond a past rooted in oppression, exclusion, and attempts at assimilation; it's time to build new relationships based in reconciliation, recognition, and respect. Some corporations are also shifting from ignorance to inclusion, whether motivated by social responsibility or the awareness that a growing number of land claims and treaty settlements provide a more stable foundation for operating and accessing the vast wealth of resources held within the traditional territories of First Nations, Métis and Inuit people.

We believe that sharing best practices and information helps to strengthen all communities. Sharing innovative thinking supports sustainable economic development - and we strive to work directly within both rural and urban communities.

BEST (Business and Entrepreneurship Skills Training) Program (  2006-present

We're looking forward to helping support the Aboriginal Business & Entrepreneurship Skills Training (BEST) Program again in 2013-14. It's a free training series offered to people of all ages, status or not, who self-identify as Aboriginal are interested in becoming self-employed or starting their own business.

Learn what it takes to become an entrepreneur and launch a small business! Register for BEST in one of 10 communities NOW .

Each year, we get to deliver BEST in at least 10 communities across BC. By working with host organizations, we deliver approximately 60 hours of interactive training directly in communities. 

Learn more about BEST and the 10 communities who will receive training programs this year by clicking HERE:

Register for BEST in one of 10 communities NOW (link goes to website).  Follow BEST on Facebook, too:

At Spiritlink Communications, we believe that sustainable, socially responsible small businesses and development plans provide building blocks for strong communities and economies.  

We will update this page monthly with news, links and program information that can support the 'spirit of entrepreneurship' in individuals, communities, businesses, organizations and governments.

Past projects

Aboriginal Artisan Marketing Opportunity (2012)

We're happy to be working with the CFDC of CIFN to develop a comprehensive Aboriginal Artisan Catalogue for BC-based artists. We can help all artists - carvers, fashion designers, dancers, jewelry makers, graphic artists, singers, beadworkers, etc. - to prepare a professional portfolio for use in a BC Aboriginal Market Place website, Facebook blogs, and media promotions.  The  Aboriginal Artisan Catalogue will include a mini-biography, an artist statement, and photos of the artist and their work, along with information about the artisan, their background, and art experience. 

Funding for the project is provided through a co-operative effort between the First Nations Technology Council, Regional Economic Development Initiative (REDI) and the CFDC of CIFN.  The deadline for artists to apply for this year's catalogue is June 1st, 2012. 

There is a four-page form to be filled in. Click here to download the form. 

We're setting up two free workshops near the end of May to help gather pics, profiles and information for Lower Mainland artists. Watch this website for details about artisan support workshops.