Electronic Magazines: E-zines Made Easy

Here's common questions we hear about electronic magazines. 
What is an e-zine? How can you develop your own  How can I send in and write content? What is a community page? How can I get started?


Benefits of interactive communications

In 2005, the Conference Board of Canada touted the benefits of using interactive communication tools for increased connectedness to staff, clients, partners and customers.  Speaking from a manufacturing and "big business” perspective, the Board identified critical reasons to improve organizational performance through innovative tools that:

From a grass-roots perspective, small businesses and non-profit organizations need to also find interactive and innovative communication tools to:

The fastest growing innovative communication tool used by organizations and businesses is an electronic magazine, shortened to the term "e-zine”.


What's an e-zine?

E-zine (pronounced "EE-ZEEN") is the short version of "electronic magazine". It's like an on-line magazine or virtual newsletter publication that gets emailed to your list of people who want to receive it.


How do e-zines compare to regular print or .pdf newsletters?

Both can have pictures, text, graphics, colours and whatever content you want (stories, maps, surveys, coupons, directions).  If you already create a report, basic flyer, brochure, print newsletter or e-mail message for distribution, then you've already created e-zine content!


Simple newsletters get your messages OUT, but there's no simple way to manage and gather data back IN from your readers.  E-zines In an era of accountability, it’s important to be able to track who reads your messages (and shares them for you).  Time is precious, so self-managing lists and bounce reports protect and organize contacts for you. Immediate tracking reports keep you connected, so you know who reads what, when… enabling you to make better decisions and cater to the needs of your audience.


How can e-zines meet administration, HR, marketing and communications needs?


Think of how you can benefit from publishing your own professional e-zine to:

Only a few hours of training, simple tips for on-line writing, and basic Word documents are needed; within two days you have your own, independent, reporting e-zine.  Empower your team to share favourite resource reviews, offer partners opportunities to create an "ask an expert" section, and easily generate tracking reports…ANYTIME you need statistics and results.


Just like most other computer programs, people can create their own e?zine from scratch or purchase various templates and programs from providers.  Depending on programs, there are various content formats like text, pictures and animations. Interactive features can include music or video links and on-line surveys or chat rooms; and some allow for automatic .pdf creation and RSS feeds.


E-zines are growing in popularity because they:save the environment (no paper wasted), reduces postage costs, and is immediate (open your email and voilá, there it is!). E-zines areinnovative, current tools to store content and reach a wide audience with your news.


Empower your team to share pictures or review favourite resources

Promote your upcoming AGM’s and events

Include links and logos for partners and funders

Create an "ask an expert" section or an on-line survey to engage readers

We make RedWAY BC News e-zine free for readers, confidential and secure. We partner with I Make News,Inc. to deliver easy to use, discounted and customized e-zine training and hosting services to non-profit agencies in Canada. Contact us for a quote to set up and manage your own ezine in 2008!



It's the same template tool used by a range of 1300 international companies like Fujitsu, Avaya, and Oprah - and if it's secure enough for her, it's good enough for us!  Learn more about RedWAY BC News here, and watch for upcoming testimonials!