RedWAY BC News E-zine 

RedWAY BC News is a free monthly on-line newspaper called an electronic magazine, or e-zine.

It was published from 2003 to 2010 by Spiritlink Communications with the intent to honour, inform and connect its readers.

Our mission will always be to develop relationships based in respect and recognition and to celebrate the diversity of cultures, talents and strengths of Aboriginal people.

We will be looking for your help to be relaunch RedWAY and expand on our “earn and learn” concept that trains and pays Aboriginal Youth leaders who are eager to explore careers in media.

Check out videos created by RedWAY’s Aboriginal Youth writers for insights into ways Youth can develop skills and experience necessary to start careers or businesses as writers, editors, videographers, and photographers. Visit

Contact Kristin to share your insights, ideas, resources and support as we move RedWAY forward this year. or text/call 604-783-8304.

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Circle of SupportBrief History of RedWAY

Spiritlink Communications has worked closely with over 60 Urban Aboriginal Youth to design, create and maintain the free, secure e-zine for the community since 2003. The newsletter was one element of the marketing and communications plan Kristin proposed for a new contract won by FNES (First Nations Employment Society). The contract was originally a seven-month project to create an on-line one-stop-shop of information for Aboriginal Youth living in or transitioning into urban environments. The project's main purpose was to gather information from Youth, about Youth, for Youth to develop a website.

Because the website was to be designed and maintained by Urban Aboriginal Youth, Kristin knew there needed to be innovative and interactive ways to help gather and share news.  Although the idea of social networking and e-zines were fairly rare in 2003 (and in fact, the funding organizations nearly rejected the idea), she decided that an on-line newsletter would be the easiest way to help Youth put their voices out there...quickly but professionally.

The RedWAY BC Website project was announced in our first issue fo the e-zine in December 2003 at

Since then, RedWAY BC News has expanded its content, subscriber base and reach to include an international audience of over 8400 subscribers (as of December 2008). The website and ezine were partially funded for eleven months over a two-year period, which ended in March 2005. The majority of the e-zine hosting costs and over 25 hours each week of research, writing, editing and publishing have been donated by Kristin and Spiritlink team members to keep the e-zine going for its growing community of readers and writers. Read the full story in the December 2005 issue of RedWAY - and then check out ways that we're turning this e-zine into a sustainable social enterprise that provides 'earn and learn' opportunities for Aboriginal Youth.    <back to top of page>

E-zine SpecificsTurning Ideas into Actions to serve all Canadians

Format: free electronic magazine (e-zine), permission-based subscribers
Distribution: 8468 subscribers As of: December 2008
Previous Quarter: 8200 subscribers As of: October 2008
Last Quarter Growth: 2.3% Previous Quarter Growth: 9.8%
Frequency: e-mail distribution every 2 to 3 weeks
Average Activity: Identified users average 3.0 minutes looking through e-zine; and 6.5 clicks into articles

Reader Demographics*: 85% self-identify as Aboriginal, 80% live currently in BC. Over 45% are under age 30, 70% have their own social networking site, and over 98% consider Urban Aboriginal Youth an essential target market.   See the e-zine for more detailed demographics info. LINK          <back to top of page>

Writers/Content: RedWAY Content GuidesWriting Tips and Content Deadlines

All content must “honour, inform and connect” people. There's room for up to 5 free articles each issue. Articles written by Urban Aboriginal Youth are always free and always our priority - so send us what's on your mind!

Paid articles or enhanced listings available? YES
Typical ads or enhanced listings include: job postings, program/staff announcements, website or resource reviews, success stories, graduation announcements, press releases, funding announcements, job fairs or conference notices, and partner "thank you" messages.  LINK for partnership details
Archives searchable: YES Archive Links
Archive website:

Regular sections:
• "JPEN - Job Postings & Employment News": a current list of employment initiatives, job postings and training programs
• "Calendar of Events Section": a current list of conferences, artist performances, and cultural gatherings
• "From the Streets" and "RHR: Readers Helping Readers" youth-written sections submitted by RedWAY Readers
• "Smoke Signals": a community announcements page
•"From the Heart": a service providerprogram announcement section
• "Hot topics" : a list of issues brought to light by our readers
• "International Indigenous News": often self-governance items
• "Business & Entrepreneurship"

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Anticipated new sections:
• Industry News (Trades, Tourism, Technology), Women, Health & Wellness. We're open to your suggestions, too! 

For more detailed RedWAY BC News reader demographics, to submit articles, support the e-zine, use our on-line survey feature, or to purchase an enhanced ad or article, please contact Kristin at Spiritlink Communications.   <back to top of page>